Interesting approach I noticed today by an old favourite open source app of mine. Grand Perspective. Offer the dircect download for free from the web site but charge for the app store version. Possible approch for NetNewsWire? @brentsimmons @danielpunkass

Man its nice to have NetNewsWire back. Never found a replacment RSS reader that quite lived up to it.

Believe it or not this is for a wedding not a job πŸ˜‚.

Some arseholes.

Managed to get a bit of geek value out here. Pretty impressed with this guy. Gives your batteries a trickle charge on cloudy days and a fairly decent one in direct sunlight. It’s survived the rain so far, though I’ve did stick the battery pack I’m charging off it in a zip lock bag just to be safe.

Suns out! Unfortunately so are the midges.

Lazy ol day today. Decided to move the tent a bit further down the beach and worked on ma camping cooking skills. Place bets on how long it’s going to take for me to food poison myself.

Back to base, the Italians have left me a bit of the guys birthday cake. (Was his 30th today.) #italianhospitality πŸ˜‚

My nabours for the evening. An Italian couple who braved the rain admirably in order to drink beer.

Away for supplies. πŸ¦” πŸ¦”

That’ll do.

Away on holiday for a bit. πŸ• See yall in an as yet undetermined amount of days.

Linn Park. Glasgow Southside.

Bit fancy.


Men with Ven

Christmas morning…apparently.

Grant casually unloads some film.

A wild @thisisalanmclean appears.

My old friend. How long has it been!

Some long overdue upgrades to my voice over both.


Wadey and a mildly bemused looking Autumn.

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