Roaming crew

Glowy Bois

Congrats to @allan_raffel @toriay_man! Due to the fact they were only allowed the best men’s in the registery office I had to kid on I was a photographer. So eeeehh, here we go. (Invoice is in the post guys)

Guess we are getting that fancy street view but totally not street view round here then.

“The front fell off.”

That’ll be the rain on.

“Scheamers” at the Edinburgh film festivals 🎥

Shots fired.

Wire tapping is one of the many services I provide, apparently.

The W3.CSS framework is amazing. Been annoyed at the slow java-script heavy template I was using for my website for a while, and ive managed to recreate most of it with about 2 days of work. All with just CSS.

Conference setup. 🤓 piping almost everything out my bag mixer into the total overkill mixer for the speakers. 😂

Back in sunny Glasgow.

Crew vs horses 🐎

Charging Case v1 #unlimitedpowweaaaah

Damn fine coffee, and hot! #slackingoff

Wee Kelpies

Tag Team Camera Team

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍