Stop 4 butterfly and the pig.

Wadey’s birthday. South side pub crawl edition. Stop 3 the Glad cafe.

Outside Langside Library in the South Side of Glasgow. Good place to have lunch and a ponder of an afternoon.

He were see Charlie and Tommy attempting to communicate, while Dave keeps a watchful eye on the blue and red horizon.

1st AC Damian and Runner Kenni Campbell sitting in while we get set up.

Massive attack at the Hydro in Glasgow last night. Cracking gig as ever with an absolutely hypnotic light/video show.

Quite a cool moment from upstairs here where the lights went into over drive and all the people recording it on there phones looked light stars in the sky.

Classy bastards.

#tenyearchallenge Flash back to my Zoom and Boom noob days vs now. At least it was a shit ton lighter πŸ˜‚ (I’ve lost the wind shield for the rode video mic unfortunately)

Mixing a wee show reel scene for Kirsty Strain today. You might know her voice from The voice controlled lift in Scotland sketch on Burnistoun. πŸ˜†